Monday, October 8, 2012

Trash Trinkets!

The Boyfriend is a dumpster diver. He loves going through dumpsters, recycling bins, the swap shack at the local dump. He'll even stop the truck for something shiny in the middle of the road.  He works in downtown Boston and picks up street trash and flyers as well.  Like a cat who kills a mouse or a bird and brings the presents home to their master, for years he has bestowed his trash trinkets on me. (LOL I didn't mean that they way it sounded!)

I have an entire box of crazy things like flyers, photos of other people, postcards, a giant faux diamond ring, smashed cell phones, lighters, and on and on. I can't bring myself to throw any of it away.  One of my most prized and beloved Trash Trinkets, he mailed to me about 2 years ago, he found Necked Troll in a parking lot.  The Boyfriend had no idea that I have loved Trolls for decades and have about a dozen of them.

Since moving in with The Boyfriend, I know now that he brings home amazing treasures like end tables, furniture, baskets, a working gumball machine, brand new items I have sold on eBay (like a $79 women's western belt, Willow Tree figurines, etc), toys, you name it!

Here's some of the things I've kept:

A wooden hat box in great condition with a carry handle.  It's so adorable!

This brand new 5 piece Craft Storage set! Three of the pieces were still sealed in their original packaging and all had to be assembled but look how amazing they look in our office (second bedroom)!

I can't wait to see what Chas brings home next! I'll let you know if anything amazing.

Happy Columbus Day!

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